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The House of Yahweh hosts fund raisers every year. We have had events to raise much needed funds for our charitable programs, perform community outreach and engage school students in our works of charity.  Currently we have several fund raisers planned and they are listed below. Your participation in our events help us to keep our charitable programs operating and providing much needed food, clothing and shelter support to poor families in our community. We look forward to your participation in our upcoming events.

          Event Name

#GivingTuesday Campaign

House of Yahweh "Irish Spring" Gala


Worldwide campaign for giving to charity and non profit organizations.

We are doing a new fund raiser this year – a gala evening of rousing music and

dance called “Irish Spring”. In addition to the entertainment we will have a four

course dinner with complementary wine and soda accompanied by silent and live




November 28, 2017

Saturday, March 24, 2018


A Message from Angie Pacheco, Executive Director


The House of Yahweh has been serving your poor neighbors in South Bay Los Angeles for 35 years; your support of this mission  makes this possible. Feeding the hungry, providing clothing and household goods to the poor or helping the homeless to improve their lives is the service we offer to our community.


Today we are at a crossroad in our service to the poor. Our financial outlook is bleak unless we can substantially increase cash donations. Please help us to continue the House of Yahweh's good works by making a monthly cash donation; small amounts are fine but we need many new donors all helping to keep the mission going. Thank you.

Contact Information


4046 Marine Avenue

Lawndale, CA 90260


Phone: +310-675-1384

Fax:     + 310-644-1337

E-mail: apacheco@hoy-southbay.org

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The House of Yahweh (HOY) is a non-profit charitable corporation, providing a variety of services for the poor and needy in the South Bay community.  HOY rules for acceptance and participation in our program are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex or handicap.