Transitional Shelter


Affordable housing remains one of society’s most crucial critical  problems. Over 90,000 people sleep in shelters or on the streets each night in Southern California. Every day we receive 4-5 phone calls requesting shelter from other social service agencies making referrals or from the clients themselves. So many times we have to say "Sorry but we have no openings right now."


Transitional Shelter Program

House of Yahweh


The House of Yahweh (HOY) operates 11 units of transitional housing, which are filled all the time. The maximum stay is 2 years but our goal is to get these clients into independent living much sooner. Several clients have received  their section 8 voucher  and moved into stable living. That is the ultimate goal.


HOY serves high functioning clients: Single men and women, single parents with children, couples with children, couples and seniors.  Before accepting a person or family into our program they have to be interviewed carefully and screened. Clients must be free from drugs and alcohol for a minimum of a year and be attending AA meetings. They also cannot be a current victim of domestic abuse or a mental patient. HOY does not have the trained staff to handle these above mentioned social problems.

What Conditions May Lead to Homelessness?

Reasons for homelessness may include those listed below.  There are many other reasons why people end up on the streets and need assistance not mentioned here.

  • Abandonment - a spouse leaves (usually the bread winner) and the other is left with children and little possibility of paying the rent and bills.
  • No family back up—some parents "kick" their children out of their house once they reach 18 or graduate from high school and tell them to get out on their own.
  • Sickness - Sometimes a person is abandoned because the spouse can't take care of the illness, or one of the parents experiences a long illness that eats up the finances.
  • No health insurance - this is total disaster, especially if a member of the family is suffering from a terminal disease over a long period of time.
  • Loss of a job or long term unemployment or long worker strikes can cause loss of homes, evictions, etc.
  • Catastrophic disasters or accidents touch all areas of society causing immediate reversals of fortune. Some people are covered by insurance or have a bank roll for backup; others are less fortunate.

To be homeless is tragic--not to have a safe place to "hang one's hat", a place of refuge, a place of privacy. In a small way, HOY with its supporters is reaching out trying to help people by housing them in our units, by referring them to other shelters and sometimes just listening to a person's story knowing that there is nothing we can do for them except offering them words of hope and encouragement. Let us remember that it is a corporal work of mercy to "shelter the homeless".

Trailer Tales

All 11 units of the HOY transitional housing program are filled. There are 3 single men residents and 8 families living in the trailers making a total of 17 adults and 11 children. Two men are on disability. Everyone else is either working, taking classes or attending school. Special mention must be made of three exceptionally talented students and their achievements.


Two young men are both attending colleges. Both have scholastic scholarships and maintain almost straight A averages.


Deshawn is working towards a B.S. in Biology at Cal State, Dominguez Hills, with an emphasis in Molecular Biology. Ultimately he wants to study venomous animals and their medical potential in hopes of working as a research scientist at the Butantan Institute in Brazil.


Gino graduated with honors from Redondo Union High School, attended SCROC (the Southern Regional Occupational Center) and earned a certificate in Medical Assistant, received his CPR certificate and is licensed to give EKG’s and shots. He is attending Santa Monica College working towards his goal of becoming a nurse specializing in obstetrics. One high school Senior,


Margaret, is a straight A student with a goal of becoming her class valedictorian. She has taken all advanced placement college credit classes and attended summer classes at El Camino College before starting her regular Fall classes. We are proud of these students and praise them for their hard work and dedication in pursuing their goals.

It takes over $8,000 dollars per year to operate a Transitional Housing Trailer.  We turn people in need away every day. Can you help support a trailer?




A Message from Sister Michele Morris, Executive Director


The driving force that makes the House of Yahweh successful is LOVE.


One act of kindness done out of love is eternal.


Without love -- acts, no matter how good, are just that – acts.


Thank you for supporting HOY with your loving acts of kindness these past 34 years!


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The House of Yahweh (HOY) is a non-profit charitable corporation, providing a variety of services for the poor and needy in the South Bay community.  HOY rules for acceptance and participation in our program are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex or handicap.

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